Thursday, 2 December 2010


Woke up one Sunday morning
First thing, like always every other morning
I looked up at the clock strategically positioned 90 degrees to the bed
Found I had just 15minutes to get ready
But there was something I remembered and one call later
An entirely different thing was confirmed
I had 2 hours extra today; it was the last Sunday of the month
Meaning one of thanksgiving in my present house of worship
In mental acknowledgment of that information
I became relaxed and my mind began to roam

My Hair, it looked so beautiful
Newly oiled and airbrushed in preparations for today from last night
All I’d need was to run my fingers through the locks
My black glitter eye liner though best for night time
Was sure to do the trick this morning on the color I’d choose from my palette
As I stared at the tiny bumps on my forehead
I couldn’t thank the Lord more for one invention
The Foundation-A woman’s best friend
And to lock the look in totally
I’d leave my lips pale but classically glossy

Hours later, seated in church
The congregation was shown a documentary
On a powerful man of God…or once powerful
Who had declared his stand years back on a controversial topic
One our world is unable to disapprove of today for reasons not understood by me
Either by Media and public rationalization or Spiritual-self exploitation
He is being accused today with mind damaging proofs of photos and testaments
For being in favor of the same issues he had once condemned
What was going to be the eventual public verdict?
Would it correspond with the truth known by God Almighty alone?

Some time later I reflected on my early musings
And the happenings hours later
I realized that the love for this world and things of the world
Starts one step at a time and creeps in crawl after crawl
One brick of vanity laid by the mortar of vanity upon another brick of vanity
Was sure to come crumbling down in the vain face of vanity itself
Aware of the fact that nothing was necessarily wrong with self-appreciation
I took a travel within to analyze my thoughts and get to the root of my reflections
I had to admit, the artistry wasn’t also necessarily for the glorification of His name
I just wanted to look my physical best, possibly outstanding in that congregation

My heart began to cry out and yearn more for him
He is the way, the truth and life
All I now asked for was one exceptional fascination for his way
One unadulterated and divine conviction for his truth
One celebrated passion for his life and personality
To know him and sit as his disciple learning at his feet
Oh how drained, lacking and deprived the world is in all areas moral inclusive
Nothing compares to the privilege of knowing him and serving him right
That I might be found blameless on the day my enemies will seek to tear me down
That on that day there will therefore be no condemnation dispensable to my soul

Defective but not detected? The man of God asked…faulty but not yet found?
There is a call upon our lives today for a much kingdom anticipated change
It’s time for all God’s children who are not ashamed to publicly proclaim his name
To rise to the challenges of the world and overcome by his blood
Time for us to stop nailing him back to cross with the intents behind our actions
May heart meditations even more than words of mouth be suitable in his sight
May we never be embarrassed to say it exactly as we know it is
To the justification of our sanctified consciences in the face of false friends
And may this be more than just a write up to you
For much more than your readership does God require…He looks into our hearts



  1. This is a masterpiece worth pasting for re-reading daily! thumbs up Sis.

  2. Thanks a lot Anu.
    @Bros Ops, hmm,it actually shd be read everyday to just keep us in line.It's so easy to forget sometimes.