Tuesday, 8 March 2011


If what I do is right
Why does my heart squeeze
when I pause to analyse?
Why do I swallow hard
Still to find the absence of saliva?
Why do I feel so terrible about it?

What would Jesus have me do?
When Unity causes division
When people conspire against people
kin against kin
If I din't fight for me
I'd still fight for you

I've known me for years still I ask 'Why?'
Why I comprehend taking a stand
More than I understand sitting on shameful fences
For me or anyone else
Why do I always have to have an opinion?
Which one do I love the most; Justice or Design?

Should I ask for your Grace to walk away?
Wisdom that radiates from silence
As the sun quietly but surely warms up the earth
reaching deep within
Healing the damp soul of the soil
from inside out?

Yours Truly,

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