Wednesday, 17 November 2010

My Home Desk

Have you ever sat at your Home desk,
Your laptop open, fully connected to the net
You’re starring at a piece you just wrote and posted
The public seems to like it
The responses are so hot or so cool;
depending on how you like it
It seemed like that was the best you could ever write…

I did one time, Laptop open, fully connected
Starring at my facebook page and my mail inbox together
Each pipped on either side of the screen
Waiting to catch notifications and alerts as they arrived
My BB in hand as well incase I stood up to go somewhere
…Very pleasant comments; I dint even think anyone could say anything less
Cos I had enjoyed writing that piece and it showed

Then the thought came to mind…
What if someone out there dint like it,
Dint think I was creative enough
Dint think I was a good writer or a good designer
Or a good ‘anything I thought I was good at’
It squeezed my heart so much I seemed to choke at the feeling
I bet you’d feel the same too if it was you…

Lol. I’ve decided to just live
Yes, live Life; Write what I feel like,
Design what I want to
I own my pencil and I’m in control
When people like it, it’ll spur me on
When they don’t, I’ll try to see the sense their making
All in all I hope to maintain my style

Cos What I do is Live, Love, Create, Design and Reflect
Oh and I also Give praise to HE who is greater than us all
HE gives me power to do the things that I do
And that’s just how it is.
So sometimes I still sit at my Home desk
But I won’t choke anymore.
Cos I’ve got more to move on to, more to accomplish


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