Saturday, 22 April 2017

The Lady With a Vision a.k.a Visionary Woman

I am not ashamed of a place where I am nothing
I realise that my place of nothingness is a place of learning
and my place of somethingness is a place of service
Through the chosen platforms of my passion,
I rock the stages of my growth

I am not defined by the tone of my skin
The width of my hips or the price of my clothes
I am worth far more than rubies
I am a physical, spiritual, emotional and mental being rolled up in one body
I am Wholesome

I pleasure and embalm in simplicity
So I heal from the complexities of the mundane
Fame finds me and feels favoured
For For I am rare and unexpected
I mind history and so I make history

I could be a career woman, entrepreneur or stay-at-home mum
Whoever I am, I know I am not alone.
I face my fears and love my process
I take my mountains and I level them
A step today and a step tomorrow

I am unbothered by competition and human scales of measurement
I embrace myself failure and all
I am not perfect but that’s ok
I realises that progress is more important
I am wise enough to find my own company

I am designing the life that I love
I am turning my can'ts into cans and my dreams into plans
I am smashing my fears and becoming who God created me to be
I am salt and light, I am beautifully unique
My name is Folakemi

I am the lady with a vision.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Morning musings; Gratitude

Queues and queues
Long scattered lines of vehicles
At every station
Digging for refined black gold
Home and calm and just home

Phone calls unanswered
I had logged off from the world
Logged in within
Reached deep down to my core
To analyse personal and spiritual things

A knock on my door
Morning time
Birds chirping and chattering
Skies unfolding with bright light
A gift of a gallon

Teach us Lord
To embrace the stressless life
One willed from within
Help us keep walking
In the Consciousness of stillness

Saturday, 9 August 2014

A few of my favourite things

Chunky bracelets on cute small wrists
Lots of adventure, wide grins and smiles
To think that I was able to actuallly swim
Mentorship that inspires

Heels by weekends, flats through the week
Colours and fresh air
Sunshades on his eyes looking at me looking at him
Expressions of love and care

Beautifully put together scribblings
Watermelon and pineapple kebabs
Voices...subtle,textured as the ocean's breeze
To specialize yet be versatile

The smell of heated coffee,cream and ginger
Shabby chic furnishing
Cheese and water crackers
Rainbows and boxes tied up with strings

The red sofa I met with some time ago
Ruby woo beneath stretchy kinky
Earring holes anew
Fluffy pompoms and wooly knits

The joy of eureka
Knowledge of the word
The wisdom in Inertia
The simplicity in penning a thought

Divided Labour
To be able to wear skirts more often
Drinks with the ladies in warmth
To be still and thankful when left with little

The freedom to surge
The ability to express
The satisfaction of becoming
Sounds of Laughter from my Moes

Brown paper bags and packages 
To be called Mum
Fitness and mindful fingers
To hold and be held in accord

These are a few of my favourite things!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Conversations with time

Time oh time...are you friend or are you foe?

One thing to me, something else to another
Coming slowly only to pass by swiftly

You sow and reap and come and go

You conceal and reveal
Opening up secrets that only you had hidden at first

Pushing people farther and binding others together
Some get hurt and others you heal

Time oh time…are you family are you stranger?
You are today, tomorrow, a moment, a season,
Here and there and far and near
Encouraging me to forget and helping me remember

One with false hopes quickly comes to the realization
That nothing hides beneath the sun and soon you will speak
Some will be caught up in your wrath
Fortunately others will receive salvation

Time oh time... I shall never understand you shall I?

Yours Truly,

Saturday, 23 February 2013

I used to have a best colour

I used to have a best color
My best color was green
One day I woke up
And discovered life was but too green
And that was about all I could see

I loved other colors no doubt
But fixated I was, on being known for something
This made this color my always-obvious choice
I acquired it in all shades and all items
It was my black

It wasn’t something to be worried about
But it hindered my views and thoughts about other colors
I didn’t get to appreciate them as much
Didn’t get to love them enough
Enough to fill my life with items in their shades and tones

I took a stand and thought to just try
And if I missed green so much
I could always run back to it
For it was my comfort zone
My feel good place

The decision to try
Has freed my life
Now I love all kinds of colors
And I see and observe combinations that others don’t
Now I'm aware

I’m now willing to try them all
I have so much fun in their embrace
The scales are fallen
My heart is more open
I'm receptive

Having too many restrictions shields us from truly living
I was blind but now I see
Tomorrow when I’m asked “what is your best color?”
I’ll say “I used to have a best color"
"My best color was green”


Happy New year folks!

Happy 2013

As the year comes to a start
We pray that all that we need we'll have
Through all up hill tasks
We will laugh
Hard times will not last
But despite all our trials
We will dance
And In the euphoria of great things only we'll bask

...Happy New year family!


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

My Potter

You are my potter and I, your clay
You never let me go astray 
And whenever to you I pray
You mould my destiny back to stay
Do the same to me today
So to the world I’ll never cease to say
With you Father there’s no delay
You are my potter and I, your clay

Yours Truly