Friday, 10 February 2012

A better Life

Companionship gives warmth to a lonely heart
Writing gives healing to the soul
So many times things don’t go as we’ve planned
So many times people misunderstand us
The opportunity to fully explain ourselves
To set things straight and to put things right
Rarely presents itself at our doorsteps
And the more we try to give clarity to certain issues
The more misunderstood we become
Because not everyone always thinks the same way

The ability to shut out the pride of our expertise
And to listen to the things that other people have to say
Having respect for their rights to have points of views
And reasonings or thoughts
Is the beginning of understanding ourselves
And differences between us and the world
The commencement of self and people appreciation
The foundation of knowing who to make friends with and those to keep as acquaintances
Not all dealings require sentiments
Truth be told

In a challenging and competitive world such as ours
Times will come when our skills will be tested
The very origins of us
Our principles and beliefs, our knowledge and our findings
Our takes towards subjects of obligation and subjects of passion
In everything we do and everything we say we will always find opposition
And being tempted to join in the race to strive for relevance and respect
May not be such a bad thing, after all it brings out the spirit of sportsmanship in us
But more important in life is the knowing of oneself as opposed to contest with our peers
Knowing who we are, our strengths and fears and being candid is the path to be chosen

This way we can evaluate, deal with our issues and come back better
The strength to move on after a major road block comes from the ability to refresh
Refreshing gives the will to have a better start
And the empowerment to see things through to the end
Expecting that everyone agrees with us
Will always leave us throwing pity parties for ourselves
Understanding that we don’t have to agree with everybody
Will keep us away from trouble
And give us opportunities to think,
Search for truth and come to the knowledge of right

Our declarations in life should be that of loyalty towards kin
Compassion towards strangers and consideration for others
Dedication to passion and building ones knowledge in diverse fields
Transparency and openness with the wisdom to maintain privacy
This is what guarantees us the edge and makes us truly sportsmen
This is when we conquer the war against self
And emerge as winners of the trophies of competitions with others
It guarantees us victory of the greater fights
And deals with our envy or the ones from others
These are the ingredients to a better life

This is my take; hear me out first then agree or disagree if you will

Yours Truly,

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