Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Friendship and Cliques

Some of us have always found ourselves in cliques
Defined or not, it’s the same faces you see
each time you close your eyes to take a nap
And each time you pick up the phone...
You’re calling one of them faces you see

I had friends at the Primary level
But we’d run home to mummy at the end of the day anyway
So nothing was formed
Except basic and necessary connections
And almost the same thing happened in Junior School

But then came Senior School…
We’d seen seniors before us hold on to some particular selves all the time
We never really knew if they had names..
But we were 5 friends with Statistics
No special contribution to our set but we had to have a name!

There were 4 of us named ‘Kemi’
Each with distinct Prefixes of course
We had just 1 ‘Ayo’, ‘Tetra’ a Scientific nomenclature for 4, ‘K’ as initial for Kemi
Ayo with the name that stood apart given recognition with the hyphenated A
TetraK-A was born! Lol. Excitement in the air.

I thought we were more serious than others…No no no
There was J-BANK for Jane, Bridget, Abiola, Njideka and another very pretty Kemi
Hmm, HOT for Hilda, Omo and Tola; truly hot. lol. still friends of mine till date
Guys?..KITOD for Kehinde, Irene, Tola, Obinna and Dipo; hope that’s Correct…
Ladies again, KAAS for Kanyisola, Adiat, Asmot and Sile…I’m sure there were a lot more!

It was just fun for 'Us' that belonged to my clique
Cos we still had our personal very good friends
And it was very allowed, no pressure, nothing.
You dint have to be ‘one of Us’ to stand with us or anything
Cos we were just friends with a name, probably same for the other cliques too

Coming to the University same trend was repeated unknowingly
This time my new friends and I were named by different people so many times
Some names we heard, some we’ll never know
One or Two stuck with us thanks to Simplice, Omolade and Dolapo
Lol. ‘SCHOOL BUS’…Imagine!

I have learned that above Cliques, Friendship rules!
I have enjoyed more moments of friendship taking each one as a personality
Than I have thinking of whichever ‘Us’ it was as a Clique
Mindsets should always allow for freedom and growth in other relationships formed
outside of whatever Clique you find yourself in; thus I can say
That I have a bag load of friends that I annoy and those that I make happy
and I hope you belong to one category at least.


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