Monday, 21 February 2011

I think, I’m busy

‘Busy’ is one word that appears more often than not in my life
Things get so upbeat
Everything moves, spins and dances around me
This is how I like things to be normally
However, sometimes the speed amazes me
And leaves me wondering who got me here

So many things to be done
Yet time waits for no one,
Days go by and I check my ‘to-do-list’
A few things to tick off here and there
Still, the listings are endless
I stop to ponder on what exactly keeps me so busy

What do I have running in my head all the time?
Sometimes; family, friends, business, career, life management…
Other times; colors, surfaces, finishes, knowledge, gatherings…
I zoom-in on people far and near and experiences I’ve had with them
I think about my dreams, my passions, the things I can’t do without
My career, my aspirations and possible ways to fuse things

I think about things as uncomplicated as my Kitchen
And smart tricks to keep molds and bugs away from the cabinets
I think about my life in terms of Verbs
And the world in terms of Adjectives,
About how I feel when I walk in to my space again knowing I did my laundry yesterday
I think about accomplishments

As days go by, I dream about looking back in future
And nodding to the fact that I had time to think about everything
I remember a time when I felt I wasn’t busy enough and how I’d cry myself to sleep
And I think about now that I’m so busy and how my back aches, going to bed at night
But if I’d chose between the two, I’d chose the latter over and over again
There’s a difference between body and spirit and a need for sleep to be justified

It’s wonderful to be busy and I won't want life any other way
I'd like to also master juggling all aspects really well
And I’d like to witness my achievements 
To know that because I set time apart to think, I was busy 
And because I was busy, I got to do it
There’d be no greater joy in my busy world!

So every day when I think of how busy I’m going to get
My silent heartfelt and fervent prayer is;
For the good Lord to bless my thoughts and package them into ideas,
To bless my ideas that they blossom into creativity
And bless my creativity to transform the lives of my family, friends and community
All through me, the ever thinking, ever busy one.

Yours Truly,