Monday, 29 August 2011

June 2010

In June 2010
just before the two days I remember vividly out of the rest
My diary would have read something like this;

I've come to this point
The point where life changes forever
No going back
Only promises to be kept
And Vows to be made

I'm not scared
It's all I've always wanted
Never asked for anything less
It's happening
And I'm joyous

The search is over?
Never felt this way before
I guess its meant to come just once
I've gotten there
And I'm knowing it

My Eureka moment,
I've met my king
My best friend
The love of my life
The proof that God's love
reaches down to the earth

Thank you Father,
I'm hugging you right now
Can you feel me?I know you hear me
Major dream achieved!
See you all in the future people
Name...changed and all.xoxo

Yours Truly,

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