Saturday, 25 February 2012


Listening to Whitney Houston’s CD one morning on my way to work
Tears, welled up in my eyes
It had been days since we all heard she died
And for some reason I was a late mourner of the loss of this Icon
I watched an interview done on people who knew her well in her life time
“Whitney was always gonna do what she wanted to do” said one of them
Spotlight over her life in general seemed to reveal some measures of headiness
But perhaps she was a victim of her beliefs and the habits she refused to let go

The choices we make not only impact the lives of those who look ‘at’ or ‘up to’ us
But have very large roles to play in building or tarnishing us personally
I din't stalk her career while she was alive
But it was always a pleasure to listen to her for hers was great music
Heart in melody and soul in wordings of whatever tune her lips produced
She portrayed powerful expressions and sincerity in her renditions
All she ever wanted was to be loved just as she had loved the family the Lord blessed her with
Mum Cissy,Daughter Bobbi Kristina,Godmum Aretha,Cousin Dionne,Childhood friend Cece (Winans) and a lot of others

Perhaps she took the wrong lane down achieving the hopes she held on to as a young girl
And years later, in her words “Your image of me is what I hope to be”
Also in the beautiful song titled ‘I look to you’
She went “I don’t know If I’m gonna make it…but I look to you”
I think this is where we all are and it’s important for us to realize this
But more importantly to know what to do with these emotions
There has to come a time in life when you have to know if you’ll make it or not
And next to know if you’ll make it to Heaven

If we've ever known and along the line forgotten, this is a reminder
It is our responsibility to know our standings
And let go of all things that will make us loose track
Be it ‘Love’ yes Love, if it’s not the 1st Corinthians type then away with it!
People, places, clothes, habits…whatever we’re easily drawn to in our interactions
So with Whitney’s album on repeat on my way to my destination
And her loved ones preparing a memorable burial ceremony
It was ‘Adieu Whitney…we will always love you’

May vital lessons be learnt
Changes be made
And all judgment cease
So help us God

Yours Truly,

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  1. Late Whitney Elizabeth Houston a.k.a. Nippy, was a Child of God who truely loved the Lord. Through it all, she held unto God. She never let go of her Faith. I strongly believe that she is now a choir angel with God in Heaven.