Saturday, 23 February 2013

I used to have a best colour

I used to have a best color
My best color was green
One day I woke up
And discovered life was but too green
And that was about all I could see

I loved other colors no doubt
But fixated I was, on being known for something
This made this color my always-obvious choice
I acquired it in all shades and all items
It was my black

It wasn’t something to be worried about
But it hindered my views and thoughts about other colors
I didn’t get to appreciate them as much
Didn’t get to love them enough
Enough to fill my life with items in their shades and tones

I took a stand and thought to just try
And if I missed green so much
I could always run back to it
For it was my comfort zone
My feel good place

The decision to try
Has freed my life
Now I love all kinds of colors
And I see and observe combinations that others don’t
Now I'm aware

I’m now willing to try them all
I have so much fun in their embrace
The scales are fallen
My heart is more open
I'm receptive

Having too many restrictions shields us from truly living
I was blind but now I see
Tomorrow when I’m asked “what is your best color?”
I’ll say “I used to have a best color"
"My best color was green”


Happy New year folks!

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