Saturday, 22 April 2017

The Lady With a Vision a.k.a Visionary Woman

I am not ashamed of a place where I am nothing
I realise that my place of nothingness is a place of learning
and my place of somethingness is a place of service
Through the chosen platforms of my passion,
I rock the stages of my growth

I am not defined by the tone of my skin
The width of my hips or the price of my clothes
I am worth far more than rubies
I am a physical, spiritual, emotional and mental being rolled up in one body
I am Wholesome

I pleasure and embalm in simplicity
So I heal from the complexities of the mundane
Fame finds me and feels favoured
For For I am rare and unexpected
I mind history and so I make history

I could be a career woman, entrepreneur or stay-at-home mum
Whoever I am, I know I am not alone.
I face my fears and love my process
I take my mountains and I level them
A step today and a step tomorrow

I am unbothered by competition and human scales of measurement
I embrace myself failure and all
I am not perfect but that’s ok
I realises that progress is more important
I am wise enough to find my own company

I am designing the life that I love
I am turning my can'ts into cans and my dreams into plans
I am smashing my fears and becoming who God created me to be
I am salt and light, I am beautifully unique
My name is Folakemi

I am the lady with a vision.

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