Tuesday, 16 November 2010

15 of Us

In June 2008, 15 Ladies graduated from CU with M.Sc degrees in Architecture and a lot to offer the world. This is written in expression of the relationships they had and still have with Yourstruly.
As you read..please wish you were one of them...

I miss Sonia
I seemed to be able to talk to her about absolutely anything
while listening to her talk about…Bola and... Louisa!
If you know her like I do, by now you know these two

Bimpe’s room was my 2nd first
She was my 5 and I her 6 back in school
Everyone always wanted to have her neat, complete lecture notes

A couple of times I’ve thought about Eko,
 her ‘beautiful moods'
and how they all translate to nothing but love and a desire for equality

I no more have the luxury of walking next two doors to see Lizzy.
Sis Eliz; as I fondly call her, and I had a connection
One based on art, creativity and best of all Christianity

How can I forget about Uzzy
She let me have just 5% of Lizzy’s total friendship;
Yes Uzoezi, the Architect who had a sewing machine in her room
Respects, to the Princess wife of a Lyrical master and mum to a lil' wonder

Thinking of Ololade…we’ve seriously and ernestly waited
I thought we’d have christened Nonso by now
Chukwunonso…Mama Nonsy’s unborn child who knows us all very well by now

Esther loved to sing, still loves to sing
She and I connected a lot on issues pertaining to dance and music
There was almost never a year when she wasn’t next door to me
Cos she was an ‘O’ female on the register much like myself and Isi

Yep, Isimenmen my hundred level friend
We drifted apart some years after we met
Remained together years before we drifted apart
I always say  “she just loves me.." and do I feel thesame?...Well, I ain’t mushy.lols

Lois BM Adeoye, Lou Lou...my senior in so many ways
married to Dee, Tae’s Senior back in school as well
They’re just ahead of us all the time…we need to rectify that

Kunbi, Mamasita Icupresidente
Premiere Madame d’association  Internationalle des femmes Icubic
we’r chilling for her to come join us soon
Uzzy,Lois and I

We haven’t also forgotten that Dara caught the bouquet at the wedding
So anyone of them will be well received
And Yes Dara will have to leave the beautiful last name behind someday
Homer Williams as well
Call it beef? whateverrr!

Yetunde, my Jolly-good-fellow X-200 level-roommate
I see her, I see strength and keen perseverance
Known by my mum, dad and siblings…
she’s  family

Kendo and I share the same name
Cos I’m bone of bone and flesh of flesh with a twin now
But I adopted her sister’s cos it’s my husband’s
I hear Ms Elebiyo’s ‘enjoying’ Abuja a lot and though we haven’t had time to
discuss I can’t help but wonder if it’s for the same reasons Layo escaped to

Omosmall, I lyrically almost din’t see her
But yeah she’s taller now with the Festac-Ajah routine
She patriotically flaunts the  Lasgidi flagship cos she’s home now
Or so she says

Did I introduce myself at the start of the piece?
Folakemi Taiye Odesola..Wife of y’all know WHO
Tokunbo’s future mum…lol
Don’t mind me, Im just a smarty-pant!

This is just to say that I miss you all not necessarily on the same days..but from
time to time.



  1. Hey SistaFo. Keep up the good work. Yours truly. Happy memories give us strength we need to move on. I recounted my own friendships and cliques too. Keep up the good work!

  2. lols,thanks Yomi. Good to go down memory lane once in a while!

  3. my bestest poem ever.
    thank you for the thought.
    i feel privileged.