Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The School Bus

We've grown over the years
But there are historical highlights:

Buffets at Mumi Adeleye’s boot; Sundays,
Weekends at someone's crib away from school stress, 
The Christening..D12, School bus, e.t.c 
Eyes rolling at us, 12 seats same row at Chapel services
Hot harsh mails to each other in-between work disagreeing on a subject,
How lifted I felt was when through the rigors of the Lagos Friday traffic 
And the inconvenience of being a thousand miles away for some,
Everyone turned up for the Engagement…My Engagement

The School Bus…
My side of the story.         

Met her through a friend who was my room mate at the time.
Saw her in class one day and discovered we were course mates like I’d heard
Isimenmen cracks me up...she’s new school-old school all in one
One of us must have been cutting classes though
for us to have met the way that we did

Every morning, on her way to class,
She’d stand outside the hall and shout out a name
Her friend was my floor mate and that was the cue, it was time to go to class.
Very dedicated of her...I thought
Pretty black chick named Funmi
Introduced through a mutual friend and course mate
We’ve talked about almost every issue possible over time
When you hurt, Eko hurts
She’s taught me a new kind of friendship
Loyalty is its name

Layo was the one
I barely knew back then
Who came to check me up in my room one day
And almost chocked when she found I had slept off from being too ill at the time 
Instead of  jacking for my Survey Exams; She read to me.

I think we met at Mrs Adeleye’s boot,
When Atim and I became floor mates we had so much fun
My chubby smiley friend, very pleasant, very giggly
Our friendship has stood the very test of time
And I’m incredibly proud of that
Talkative, playful and cheerful even at moments of sadness and sobriety
Used to wonder what exactly it was with her
Until I was given an opportunity to find out myself that she was normal or so
When in Mary hall we became roommates
Yetunde with the 'kinda nice' hyphenated last name, Homer-Williams

We were one floor apart
But she’d come to see me for something or just to say ‘Hi'
Though shy herself; courageous enough to be friendly
Kunbi's always been humble but I like who she’s totally become 
And she carries the new 'geekish beauty' look very well indeed.

I remember Tosin from way back…
100 level dance group called Commissioned
Energetic, outspoken, heady, friendly, hardworking, envisioned
Never thought we’d end up friends,
I’ve come to notice we've got things in common

The owner of the mum whose boot had goodies lying within
She and I became friends after I had partaken of all the benefits
If my house wasn’t available for ‘crashing’, hers absolutely was
It still remained my ultimate escape destination after school till recently
Yemisi ‘cute girl who’s barely got feet’ Tinubu

In first year, a friend of mine had a floor mate
Almost always standing on the corridor in front of her room window
She’d go back in, pair something with another and return to the same spot
Turn, turn…slowly twirl…I just thought “this one must have plenty clothes”.
Anjie..soon to be christened with a new last name

The floor mate who always got the 'time to go to class' cue
My one time Cell group leader or was it Floor representative?
Who later relied fully on grace to come for Chapel services herself.lol
A very confident, friendly and eloquent lady
Lamide's been first to do everything for a while now 

From Folakemi to the School bus...
A toast to friendship in its natural form;
Thick, thin, stressful, annoying, beautiful
We Are, may still be for longer than we all think
Most importantly, We met...still communicate.



  1. so beautiful....!
    lovely memories....thankful i can link the names to people...

  2. Lol, thanks Ema, makes me laugh myself that first contact with each of them was capturable.

  3. oh Sweeness, how could i have missed this.

    love you for writing this.

    keep shining